Quantum Aromatherapy® is the key to open and explore the framework of the universe’s ultimate reality

Dr Pénoël is a Medical Doctor and has been involved for over three decades in the batlle for recognition of natural medicine and Integrative Ecology. Dr Pénoël works in the field, and is also a thinker and philosopher. He has traveled around the world to source and find new aromatic plants and the associated essential oils. Dr Pénoël has managed to combine his clinical experience, medical skills together with his passion to create and teach a new grid of understanding based on the essential oils action: Quantum Aromatherapy®.

Quantum Aromatherapy® works as a genuine systematic and consistent whole in terms of teaching, research, practice and development. Quantum Aromatherapy® is based on and highlighted by this approach binding the photon and the human mind. Quantum Aromatherapy® brings us to tap into the infinite and wide potential contained by the aromatic plant and its essential secretion.

Opening the gate to the Universe of Quantum Aromatherapy®, as it is the case of quantum physics, requires a total change of paradigm, what we mean here is the mental frame, and this shift of mind is itself the first step to self-fulfilling the best of oneself.

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Osmobiose and l'Ecole Pénoël are the only official structures offering trainings, lectures, seminars, workshops in Quantum Aromatherapy®, in Europe and throughout the world based on the approach developed by Dr Pénoël.


| 11/06/2018

Comment l'aromathérapie peut-elle aider les patients alzheimer à stimuler leur mémoire sensorielle?

La 1ère partie : explication de Daniel Pénoël : impact des odeurs en lien avec la mémoire.



La 2ème partie : l’avis de Daniel Pénoël dans le cadre de sa pratique clinique et de l’AQ (le “visage humain” de cette pratique avec l’instauration d’un programme selon les 3P)



La 3ème : l’explication plus détaillée du protocole mise en place (cadre l’AQ et des huiles essentielles QBI®).


3ème partie : http://blog-maison-retraite.maison-de-retraite-alzheimer.fr/comment-l%E2%80%99aromatherapie-peut-elle-aider-les-patients-alzheimer-a-stimuler-leur-memoire-sensorielle-troisieme-et-derniere-partie,1176#more-1176

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Formation Aromathérapie Quantique.

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